At Thien Lake Acupuncture, our focus is getting your health back on track utilizing medical techniques that are safe and drug-free.  Depending on your condition, we will use choose the best methods to help you reach your treatment goals faster and restore balance to your health naturally.  The following are some of the methods that may be performed during your appointment.


Acupuncture & Electroacupuncture

Very fine, sterile, single-use needles are inserted painlessly into specific acupuncture points to bring balance to a disrupted nervous system and vital organs. Electroacupuncture uses a gentle electrical current between two needles to release endorphins and reduce inflammation.


Cupping & Gua Sha Therapy

Cupping therapy is the use of suction cups placed on areas of the body that have excess toxins.  It clears lactic acid and inflammation from muscles and the lymphatic system. Gua Sha is an Asian medical technique that is performed using a jade tool to facilitate the circulation of blood.  Both Cupping and Gua Sha cause painless and temporary pigmentation of the skin which can take 1-2.5 weeks to clear.

moxibustion for lower back pain & adrenal fatigue

Moxibustion & Heat Therapy

When performing moxibustion we use the highest quality Japanese mugwort to warm specific acupuncture points and allow therapeutic heat to penetrate deep into the body. Infrared heat therapy warms larger areas of the body to increase blood circulation and metabolism.

vegetable soup with bone broth

Personalized Nutrition

Because there is no one perfect diet for everyone, we offer nutritional guidance that is personalized and prescribed to your own unique constitution.  Depending on your condition and health goals, we will suggest foods to support your treatment plan and alternatives for the foods to avoid.

Natural herbs to regulate hormones

Herbs & Supplements

We prescribe only the highest quality natural herbs that are sourced from reputable companies who adhere to strict testing standards for contaminants and efficacy.  Individualized formulas for your condition can be taken as extracts, granules, or capsules.